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Different norms held by a working-class community may explain the persistence of non-standard varieties of English, despite the wider cultural dominance of the standard variety. • Social changes which may disrupt strong network ties will allow for linguistic changes to take place and/or a shift in the distribution of variants across other social groupings within the various networks (for example, males and females, or members of different ethnic groups). indd 21 22/2/10 16:21:18 22 AN INTRODUCTION TO ENGLISH SOCIOLINGUISTICS The social network model therefore poses a challenge to Labov’s conception of the English speech community, since it argues for a series of subgroups of English speakers, who hold differing (and perhaps even opposing) norms.

Indd 35 22/2/10 16:21:19 36 AN INTRODUCTION TO ENGLISH SOCIOLINGUISTICS narrowing, a reduction in variation, sometimes in the hope that promoting a particular language will promote sociopolitical unity. ) Pluralism involves the promotion of diversity, whereby a number of languages may be promoted by the state. Again, the motivations for this are usually more than purely linguistic, and have a range of economic consequences. On the one hand, a pluralistic policy encourages multilingualism, and multilingualism may be a valuable economic resource, particularly in a globalised economy; on the other, it can be economically costly to ensure that all varieties are promoted to the same extent, because various educational resources will need to be produced for each language, language teachers will need to be trained to provide instruction in schools, and so on.

Labour). As Patrick (2002: 576) observes, the notion of the speech community “is evidently fraught with difficulties”. In this section, we try to unpack such difficulties in relation to the English speech community, to establish whether and how we might use the concept. As part of a discussion of an ongoing linguistic change in Philadelphia, Labov (1989: 2, 52) wrote: (1) The English language is a property of the English speech community, which is in turn composed of many nested subcommunities.

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