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By Leonard J. Brillson

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"An crucial advisor to digital fabric Surfaces and Interfaces is a streamlined but complete advent that covers the fundamental actual houses of digital fabrics, the experimental recommendations used to degree them, and the theoretical tools used to appreciate, are expecting, and layout them. beginning with the elemental digital homes of semiconductors and electric measurements of Read more...


an important advisor to digital fabric Surfaces and Interfaces is a streamlined but finished creation that covers the fundamental actual homes of digital fabrics, the experimental Read more...

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Interface formation. However, experimental measurements of real Schottky barriers often show major disagreements with the barrier heights expected. 4) by several tenths of volts for both chemically prepared and aged as well as clean cleaved Si surfaces [3–5]. 2 eV for metals with ????M varying over a volt [6]. These deviations can be understood in terms of localized states at the interface that can accumulate charge and generate dipoles that take up much of the metal–semiconductor difference in potential [7].

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