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By Daniel Kuhn

ISBN-10: 0897933974

ISBN-13: 9780897933971

This variation contains the newest info on Alzheimer’s danger components, remedies, and prevention, in addition to a brand new bankruptcy, “Voices of Experience,” composed of reflections via kinfolk. It additionally offers information regarding new medicinal drugs licensed considering 1999 and the federal government’s choice to hide counseling and different health-related companies via Medicare.

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She was horrified that she couldn’t remember what her bathroom looked like at home, but she remembered what the bathroom looked like in a house that she lived in when she grew up, maybe sixty years earlier. She could see the past very clearly in her mind, but she couldn’t remember the present. She thought she was going crazy. That was when I figured out there was something up. qxd 2/17/2003 3:44 PM Page 35 Symptoms of the Early Stages of Alzheimer ’s Disease 35 fragile and that the sedation and other medications had set this off.

Sometimes people with AD may express a surprising degree of irritability or even outright aggression toward others, especially loved ones. Such disturbing behaviors typically stem from their feeling fatigued, overwhelmed, or frustrated. It is important for you to remember that verbal and physical outbursts are symptoms of the disease, and should not be interpreted as personal attacks. There is almost always an underlying cause that triggers these unpleasant occurrences. To the person with AD, hostile remarks and acts may be means of self-defense in response to situations that they perceive as threatening or to the confusion wrought by the disease.

The full story about the initial signs of Mr. Reagan’s disease has not yet been told. However, it is safe to assume that his early symptoms began to make sense only after a pattern emerged and a diagnosis was made. In hindsight, little episodes of forgetfulness that meant nothing when they occurred now take on new meaning. This is the classic pattern of the disease in its early stages. Since we have no single objective test for diagnosing AD, it is possible for even keen observers to fail to detect the disease in its early stages.

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