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By Roderick Hunt, Alex Brychta

ISBN-10: 0199160619

ISBN-13: 9780199160617

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I should like merely to touch briefly upon the question why the controversy about the status of congruence-statements, that is why the inquiry as to whether they correspond to reality, has been confined to spatial and temporal congruence. e. properties whose magnitude, to whichever degree a given system exemplifies them, is thought of as the sum total of the magnitudes to which that system's constituent parts exemplify. Why, in their context, has no one raised the question of density and continuity and whether they have or lack an intrinsic metric?

And what about the constituent parts themselves, can they sustain incompatible properties? Only if they are of sufficient size to be able to contain at least two separate receptacles, one to hold F the other to hold -F. In other words, a part of a particular must itself be divisible in order to coexemplify incompatible properties. Now the portion of surface f that is at the 'point' m and n may very well lend itself to any number of partitionings, since parthood is not demarcated by the range of reflective index or by the range of surface charge density a particular possesses.

1 The Third Location 35 J. e. we expect them to begin, and to end, simultaneously throughout the object's spatial extent ... In four-dimensional terms, such a temporal part is a 'time-slice' - the intersection of the object's 'spacetime worm' with a time-interval conceived as a thin sandwich extending across all space ... Spatial parts, on the other hand, are not analogously individuated across time by sameness of place. In four dimensional terms, they are not the intersection of the object's spacetime worm with a spatial region conceived as a thin tube extending through all time.

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