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By Erik Ringmar

ISBN-10: 1843312883

ISBN-13: 9781843312888

There has been by no means one of these factor as real freedom of speech. some time past, on the way to communicate freely you needed to have entry to a printing press, a newspaper, a radio or a television station. And far and wide you needed to get prior the editors. in basic terms contributors of the elite ever did – the articulate and well-behaved 'representatives' of standard humans. yet these traditional humans infrequently, if ever, had an opportunity to talk publicly and freely.  Until now. The age of running a blog has started. the net revolution has given us all an opportunity to be irreverent, blasphemous and ungrammatical in public. we will show secrets and techniques, blow whistles, spill beans or simply make stuff up.   The outdated elites don't love it. in truth, they truly, particularly hate it. Blogs are generally close down, and bloggers are silenced, reprimanded and fired from their jobs. without warning sleek liberal society finds a repressive face that few folks knew existed.   may still we behave ourselves? should still we fall silent? totally no longer! Let's name them on their hypocrisy. Let's call for that glossy liberal society lives by way of the foundations it claims to embody. Bloggers of the area, unite! you don't have anything to lose yet your gags.

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Creationists are trolls on Darwinian websites and vice versa. Once you’ve been identified as a troll you may be subject to various humiliating treatments designed to drive you away. Your comments may be deleted, arbitrarily rewritten or have their vowels extracted from them. ‘Fucking bastard’ becomes ‘Fckng bstrd’. Some blog owners decide that the best policy against trolls is to ignore them. Hence, the acronym ‘PDFTT’ seen on some sites – ‘Please Don’t Feed the Trolls’. qxd 28 01/08/2007 12:43 PM Page 28 A Blogger’s Manifesto Freedom of speech is thus unlikely to exist within an individual blog but happens instead between blogs.

You may, for example, realize that your boss always logs on to read your stuff during his lunch break, that you have a large following in Malaysia, and that people, inexplicably, land on your site after entering ‘Santa Claus rough fuck’ in Google’s search window. Many bloggers don’t know the statistics of the traffic on their sites, and those who do generally don’t have many visitors at all. A majority of blogs are read by less than ten people per day, mainly by close friends and family. Only around 10 per cent have more than 100 hits per day.

National Chiao Tung University, NCTU, in Hsinchu, is a world-class institution with a great faculty and ditto students. I brought my wife and my children with me of course and we are thoroughly enjoying ourselves, discovering the Taiwanese mountains, planning to build a house, learning Chinese. Best of all, my new employer couldn’t care less what I write about in my blog. qxd 52 01/08/2007 12:46 PM Page 52 A Blogger’s Manifesto don’t worry much about student recruitment. They take the curious view that university professors should have the right to say whatever they like, both in their classrooms and online.

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