Download e-book for kindle: 100 of the Worst Ideas in History: Humanity's Thundering by Michael Smith, Eric Kasum

By Michael Smith, Eric Kasum

ISBN-10: 1402293917

ISBN-13: 9781402293917

What have been they thinking?
Ever in view that Adam snacked at the forbidden fruit and was once chased bare out of the backyard of Eden, mankind has bitten off a bevy of undesirable ideas.
From skinny-dipping Presidents to poisonous the teeth fillings to making a song pop stars who cant hold a music, a hundred of the Worst principles in historical past is a party of humanitys historical—and frequently hysterical—missteps that experience begun wars, sunk international locations, wrecked businesses, scuttled careers, misplaced thousands, or even endangered the Earth.
- How a stressed chauffeur helped begin global conflict I
- How a Chicago White Sox video game helped hasten the dying of disco
- The toad that just about ate Australia
- the main harmful young children video game ever invented
- And a lot more (of loads less!)
Spanning politics, popular culture, style, activities, know-how, and extra, this irreverent and witty publication is choked with enjoyable images and sidebars, tracing how those thundering brainstorms changed into blundering mind farts-and the spectacular affects our fake pas and foibles nonetheless have on us this present day.

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He claims to have been clean and sober ever since. Completing his comeback, Downey is nominated as best supporting actor for his race-bending role in the 2008 comedy Tropic Thunder and goes on to soar as Iron Man in the hit film trilogy. indd 47 47 4/10/14 9:51 AM sMokey, Not Stirred the Bad idea: turn down the iconic role of 007 in the wildly popular James Bond film series. the genius Burt Reynolds the brainstorm 1972 Behind it: struCk: bring on the Blunder: Fresh from his star turn as the macho river adventurer Lewis in 1972’s best picture Oscar-nominee Deliverance—plus his buzzinducing, seminude spread in Cosmopolitan magazine—Burt Reynolds is the hottest actor in Hollywood.

Actual fact: Eric the Red discovers it five hundred years prior. And let’s not forget the Native Americans who happened upon our continent thousands of years before the Europeans arrived. Alleged fact: Columbus benevolently engages the indigenous people he encounters. Actual fact: According to detailed journals kept by his crewmen and extensive diaries written by local missionaries, Columbus and his men work the natives to the point of death. Young girls are sold into sex slavery. On one day, a Catholic priest claims to witness Columbus’s crew—with good old Chris’s knowledge—rape and/or dismember thousands of local men, women, and children.

Indd 34 Michael N. Smith and Eric Kasum 4/10/14 9:47 AM bring on the Blunder: Farian is looking for the “next big thing” in music. Scouring the ’80s Berlin club scene, he happens upon models Fabrice Morvan and Rob Pilatus tearing up the dance floor. To most, they’re no more than hunky, prancing boy toys. But to Farian, they’re ideal front men for a new band. Soon, the pop group Milli Vanilli is born. One problem: Neither Rob nor Fab can sing. To cover that rather glaring deficiency, Farian secretly hires professional vocalists to record all Milli Vanilli songs—and directs Rob and Fab to lip-synch to these recordings whenever performing live.

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